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Stretch & Fit - Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pcs/set)

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Protect the environment, starting with throwing away the plastic wrap

✅Good quality&perfect seal
✅Safe & Environmental
✅Excellent Compatibility

1.6Pcs/Set kitchen silicone cover.Can be stretched to suit a variety of different sizes.
2.Silicone material.BPA Free and reusable.
3.Can be used in microwave or refrigerators.Keep food fresh.
4.Strong adsorption,leak-proof. 

  • These silicone wonders stick to virtually anything (thanks to suction).
  • They allow you to transform a glass bowl, an aluminum pot, a ceramic roasting pan, and even a plastic Tupperware into instant storage.

Refrigerable, Microwaveable & Washable 
You can use these covers for storing food in the fridge, as well as in the microwave. You can also wash them , they can even be soaked in boiling water! So they are easy to use and reuse - over and over and over again.


Material:Food-grade Silicone
6 Sizes :
2 Colors : White,Blue.Yellow,Pink

6 X Silicone Food Cover