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5 Finger Relaxing Head Massager

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*Paw design: Five-finger steel ball claw design, which can flexibly massage the scalp without tangling curly hair, helping you relieve fatigue and restore energy. It is a practical and pleasant gift for friends and family

*Durable and comfortable to use: Our five-finger scalp massager is made of PP and steel balls. It is not easy to break or fade. The balls can roll freely without loosening, ensuring long-term use. The ergonomic handle brings you comfort Comfortable grip

*Appropriate size: The size of each claw head information transmitter is very portable, you can use it for head massage even on the go, and it is easy to carry

*Full body relaxation: This head massager tool is not only suitable for the scalp, but also for the neck, legs, arms, etc. It can provide deep relaxation and reduce stress. It is very convenient for use in home spas and offices


*Product design: unique massage ball massage ball design, relax the scalp and eliminate tension. Increase blood flow to the scalp and increase the nutrients needed for hair growth.

*Scope of use: very easy to use, comb the scalp, you can customize the massage as needed. Easy to use and light weight, suitable for home, travel and office.

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