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Cell Phone Holders,Wrist Wallets

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Cell Phone Holders, Wrist Wallets
Thick Wrist Wallet is the best choice for you, which adopts breathable, lightweight, soft, and long-lasting materials and ergonomic structure, ensuring you reaching submit of your performance in daily workouts and sports like running, jogging, tennis, football, basketball, golf, weight lifting, and other physical activities.
  • LARGER STORAGE ROOM-Many customers complain that there is no enough room for convenient usage. Innovative,2U2O still holds the original attention that offers customers excellent products to ease their life. We larger size for versatile using with zippered pocket. It is more secure, practical, and convenient for holding Keys, licenses, jewelry, Cash, Credit Cards, ID, and even today’s largest Smartphone.
  • TAKE THINGS OUT EASILY-Easy to put things in and get them out! There are two pockets that one for phone and the other for smaller things like ID, keys, cash with zipper. The suitable size is sturdier that things will not fall out randomly.
  • COOLER LARGER-MESH FABRIC-In order to increase the degree of comfort, we adopt patent C-cooling fabric. It can absorb sweat, strengthen ventilating which is absolutely odor-resistant, soft, lightweight, comfortable, durable, suitable for hot weather.
  • CONSIDERATE LIGHT-REFLECTING STRIP-Different from normal wrist wallets, we care more about the product experience. With a light-reflecting strip, you are safer when you do outdoor activities. You will pay less money and obtain additional service.
  • PERFECT FOR SPORTS & TRAVEL- Really helpful for travel or sports like fishing, camping, hiking, music festivals/concerts, trade shows, workout, running, walking, yoga, cycling, and any other physical exercise activity!

    What is the purpose of using a Headband/Sweatband?

    The high-performance material of the sport zipper wristband is super soft and elastic.

    The soft and elastic feature fully strong with support and best in outdoor sport.


    Great For Traveling: Travel lightly, protect yourself from pickpocketing, and keep your valuables safe and secure with our wrist wallet. The wrist wallet is perfect for holding cash, credit cards, and ids.
    Easy Access: The Wrist Wallet is a great substitute for a heavy purse or bag. Those looking for a more comfortable and lightweight option, look no further. Easily grab your items when you're on the go. Save time and keep items close by with this wrist wallet for running.
    Lightweight and Stretchy: Made of our durable stretchy fabric, the wrist wallet is very lightweight.
    2 Pocket Storage: Wrist Wallet has 2 pockets, 1 zippered pocket and 1 fold over pocket. The zippered pocket can be used for your more valuable goods. The fold-over pocket can be used for phones and other bulkier items. Securely store whatever you need with confidence.
    Multi-Activity Use: The wrist wallet is not only great for traveling but many other activities. Other common uses of the wrist wallet include but aren’t limited to: running, walking, fishing, races, camping, hiking, music festivals/concerts and so much more!

     Elastic Comfortable Wrist

    2 Ply thickness knitted extra-plush that is soft and highly absorbent for maximum comfort. Lightweight and durable maintains shape for long term wearing.

    Made from higher-level sweat-wicking organic cotton, which wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. It can keep you cooler and comfortable during you enjoy the activities. This Wristband breathes well, to keep sweat out of you. Non-slip, odor-resistant organic cotton keeps you looking great effortlessly during your exercise.

  • Fashionable and Feels like a second skin - you won't even notice it is there
  • Put you pay card inside and pay easily with electronic payments, just by placing the wrist on a reader
  • The ultimate solution for travel and sports
  • Specifically designed for running, sports, which prevents wrist injuries and give you intimate protection during exercise.

  • YOUR SECRET STASH - Hide under sleeve if necessary
  • Carry cash, coins, cards, or small valuables in the zipper pocket
  • Carry cash, coins, cards, or small valuables in the zipper pocket


    We care about the environment and we make selections on materials that are more environment-friendly when available.


    • As little material used in packaging our products as possible, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions from freight
    • Also, you don't produce obsolete package waste
    • MATERIAL IS TESTED FOR HARMFUL SUBSTANCES, meets human ecological requirements. It ensures that our products are environmental and not harmful to your skin

    FIELD TESTING - We believe in being good and doing good - and bringing you supreme products!

    Avanto Lifestyle offers durable products for your enjoyment. Tested in extreme conditions in hot and cold, wet, and dry environments.

    Our favorite test methods:


    • Travel
    • Trail running, Hiking and Camping
    • Bicycle trips, Mountain bike
    • Off and on-road Motorcycling
    • Skiing, Slalom, Snowboarding


    Great addon to your travel accessories and whenever on the go

    Hidden pocket

    Maybe sometimes you need an extra hidden safety pocket?


    • Wrist wallet under sleeve
    • Armband undershirt
    • Ankle pocket under a trouser leg


    Note: This product is not designed to be a cell phone holder, even if some people use it like that, it is not very comfortable

    Designed for an active life

    No need for extra pockets:


    • Super comfortable material
    • Fast drying
    • Safe pockets, things won't drop out
    • Reflective logo for extra safety - looks cool in nightclub also
    • Sports wristband
    • Suits: Fitness, Gym, Running, Football, Basketball, Yoga, Tennis

    Enjoy traveling

    Great addon to your travel accessories:


    • Pay easily with electronic payments, just by placing wrist on a reader
    • Carry cash or small valuables in the zipper pocket
    • 2 pockets in each wrist wallet, total 4 pockets in 2-pack
    • Hide under sleeve if necessary
    • Be safe from pickpockets

    1x Wrist Wallet


    This Wristband should be washed with water under 30 Celsius degrees by machine or hand and hang dry in a shaded place in order to avoid it get wrinkled.