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Musical Instrument, Piano Musical Instrument

What is Kalimba?

The kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys. The 15-key kalimba that we are making at Juma Instruments is an instrument that originates from African ethnic groups in Southern Africa. In the classification of musical instruments, the kalimba is in the category of lamellophones or plucked idiophones (Hornbostel-Sachs system).

Kalimba is one of the names used for this 15-key African lamellophone. Other language varieties are Nyunga nyunga, Nyonga yoga, and Karimba. Karimba translates to “little wooden xylophone” and Nyunga nyunga translates to “something little that causes fun trouble”…

Variations of the kalimba are found all across Africa, for example in Zambia they play the Kankobela which has 7 to 12 keys. In Congo, they play the Likembe which has 8 keys in pentatonic tuning.


  • 17 KEY KALIMBA INSTRUMENT WITH STURDY ZIPPER CASE – With this, you can learn to play melodious tunes in no time, simply by following some rules of thumb – play a pleasant tune at a party to set the tone of the evening, be the attention grabber at a camping bonfire, or simply relieve all the stress with a rejuvenating tune.
  • MADE FROM MAHOGANY WOOD - Made from natural air dried mahogany wood, this 17 key kalimba thumb piano features metallic tines/keys and comes with kalimba engraved notes on the keys, which makes it incredibly easier to learn and play for beginners as well as advanced users – be it, kids or adults.
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY – Tranquil, enchanting, and soul-soothing sounds of this mini kalimba are reminiscent of ethereal mountain windchimes and can breathe life into any surroundings, special occasions, gatherings, cheerful mornings, or lonely evenings.
  • COMPLETE KALIMBA KIT – With easily comprehensible instructions manual to help you start using the instrument without any hassle, a kalimba tuning hammer to restore the tuning or help re-tune Kalimba music box to your preference, a cleaning cloth, and sticking notes, you have everything to store, play, tune and carry the Finger Piano Kalimba with you. Moreover, the portable design of our solid Kalimba with a case makes it easy to hold and play.
  • SUPPORT AN AMERICAN BRAND - Timbertunes is a small family-based brand that focuses on bringing a world of therapeutic, soothing, relaxing sound instruments to you

    Delicate In Every Detail

    Constructed of Top Quality Mahogany Material

    • Handmade with high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars. Ergonomically designed and beautiful polishing to provide a more comfortable and convenient experience.
    • Natural air-dried mahogany wood provides an ethereal timbre which is a wonderful match with the natural wood grain. Resonance is strong、warmer and the sound is more full, melodious, and lasting.
    • You can have Kalimba talent in a short time. You will receive the play guidance and tips, playing a song is very easy for you in a few minutes.

    Playing Kalimba with family and friends

    Playing kalimba is like taking a deep breath and diving into the bottom of a clear, serene swimming pool. The world shifts and worries disappear.

    We want to share this musical journey with another special person. We might want to share kalimba with our lover.

    A high school student wants to play with her best friend.

    A grandmother wants to play with her grandchildren, or a father wants to play with his children.

    Need to Tune To Be Pitch Perfect?


    • Sometimes when your 17 key Kalimba has been traveling or got jostled it may need some tweaking to get the perfect pitch. That is where your handy hammer will save the day and the song!
    • Download on your android or iPhone any of the free tuning apps, just searches for "tuner". Using the engraved keynote like "C", pluck the note and see if it registers C on the tuner. If not, then tap the tine up or down while checking after each tap to see if the note is a perfect C. Use very small taps, because it shouldn't need too much tweaking.
    • Every Thumb Piano is tuned and tested before shipping and is in the International C tune.

    Solid Mahogany Wood Body with Engraved Keys


    • This gorgeous air-dried Mahagony Kalimba is the perfect gift for the music maker in your life, even if it's you! With hand-carved wood, this musical instrument has strong steel ore tines that makeup 17 keys. They are painstakingly engraved with the keynotes so that anyone, from beginner to advanced, can learn and use the provided instructions with ease.
    • Its beautifully hand-engraved Elk design has a naturally artful look that's fabulous inside or outside.

      How To Tune

      Portable tuner, tuned piano or cellphone, or a tuning hammer. There are many free apps for both types of devices. Just search for “Tuner”.

      How to adjust bass high

      Knock the tine key down with Tuning Hammer. Be careful do not to use too much force to prevent the tine from bending

      How to adjust the treble

      Knock the tine key up with Tuning Hammer. Be careful do not to use too much force to prevent the tine from bending

      Metal Keys

      Keys are bent down purposely to protect your thumb when playing. Our package contains finger covers, which provide extra care to your thumb. You can choose to wear it or not depending on your finger condition.

      Raise the pitch

       To raise the pitch, place the post on the playing side of the tine and lightly tap it away from yourself.

      Lower the pitch

       To lower the pitch, lightly tap on the post with the hammer towards the playing side of the tine.

      How to protect?

      Please refer to the following ways to protect Kalimba:

      • 1. Avoid bad weather and avoid placing kalimba directly in the sun.
      • 2. For wet weather, first put kalimba in a cloth bag then put it in the box.
      • 3. After using kalimba, wipe with a cleaning cloth for avoiding causing rust.

      Package Contents:
      1 * thumb piano
      1 * Tuning hammer
      1 * stickers
      1 * Cleaning Cloth
      1 * Sheet music
      2 * Finger sleeve