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Woodworking Tool, Wood Shaping Disc

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Woodworking Tool, Wood Shaping Disc


  • Efficient: The shaping disc can quickly remove materials, simple operation, convenient use, saving you time and effort. Perfect for wood rubber fast carving and shaping.
  • Excellent Performance: The wood cutting disc has excellent performance can be brought, has a long service life, fast cutting speed, and high efficiency, suitable for furniture decoration, product reshaping, manual DIY, trimming, etc.
  • Feature: The wood shaping disc can only be used for non-metallic or non-metallic materials, great for curved work, easy to operate, and teeth are very effective, can intend to mount on a standard electric angle grinder.
  • High Quality: The 12 teeth wood cutting disc is made of high-quality manganese steel material, sturdy and durable, not easy to damage, high quality, and stable performance can be used for a long time
  • Wide Use: The woodworking shaping blade is small in size, easy to use and the store has much use, suitable for carving hardwood, softwood, plastic, rubber.
  • Easy to use: simply attach it to a standard grinder and it can be used to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping, planing, and sculpting.
  • Scope of application: this shaping disc can cut nonmetals materials, wood, plastic product, rubber products, carbon fiber products, polyurethane products, ice sculptures, aluminum materials, etc.
  • Material: this angle grinder carving disc is made of manganese steel, robust and durable with a smooth surface, the gears are very sharp
  • High efficiency: gear cutting efficiency is high, saving time and effort, have a significant effect on furniture decoration, product modification, manual DIY, trimming, etc.
  • Warm tips: this shaping blade is for cutting, not for grinding, the planing action provides a smooth surface.

    1. Suitable for all types of soft and hardwood, suitable for angle grinders, easy to operate.
    2. Wood carving disc is made of hard manganese steel material, which is of high quality and durable for long time use.
    3. Suitable for woodworking, wood carving, root carving, tea tray polishing, coffee table polishing, etc.
    4. Provide smoothly and controllable cutting and engraving action to maximize cutting performance.
    5. The protective cover can effectively provide safety protection for the cutter.
Make Carving More Enjoyable!

This is a powerful 12-Teeth Wood Carving Disc intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder, offering rapid material removal to save your time and effort, suitable for fast carving and shaping.

It can cut wood, plastic products, polyurethane products, rubber products, carbon fiber products, ice sculptures, aluminum materials easily and accurately, which promises not to waste extra pieces!


  • 12 Teeth: Give a smooth and controllable cutting and carving action to maximize the cutting performance
  • Fast & Accurate: Provide rapid material removal, saving you time and effort, great for curved work, will not waste any of your materials
  • Easy Operation: Easy to use and easy to operate, allowing removal of small or large amounts of material
  • High Quality: Made of quality manganese steel, sharp and perfect for carving hardwood, softwood, plastic, rubber
  • Fit for angle grinder and it is easy to operate
  • Provide a perfect surface that is great for minimal sanding afterward
  • Give you an outstanding wear-life


  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Aperture: 16mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Material: 65 manganese steel 
  • Installed on an angle grinder

  • Package Includes:
    1 x Wood Cutting Disc