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11pcs Waffle Buffer Pad Set For Car Waxing and Polishing, 3/5/6/7 Inch

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11pcs 3/5/6/7 Inch Waffle Buffer Polishing Pad Set For Car Polisher
Material: Sponge
Form: Roundness
Diameter: 3"/5"/6"/7"
Thickness: 30mm/1.18''
Quantity: 11pcs / Set
Black (Extra Fine) Polishing and Finishing Pad ,Provides a rich swirl-free high gloss finish
Blue (Medium) Light Cut & Polishing Pad, Final cutting, polishing or glazing clear coat surfaces
Orange Coarse Foam Polish Pad Standard grade cutting pad ,Excellent for enamels,acrylics and urethane
Woolen pad for Finish Polishing Excellent for hard topcoats and clearcoats
Red (Extra Coarse) Aggresive Cutting
Green Fine Foam Polish Pad Final cut, polish, finishing pad
All our Foam Polishing Pads are supplied Velcro Backed.
Additional foam pads in different size,thicknesses and types are available from our Shop
Package Included:
2 x Black Heavy cut Pad Premium Medium Foam Light Cut
2 x Orange Heavy cut pad
1 x Woolen pad for finish polish
1 x Hook&Loop Backer Plate
1 x Drill Adapter
1 x Red Waffle Detail Polish pad
1 x Green Waffle pad for Light cut
1 x Orange Waffle pad for Heavy Cut
1 x Blue Waffle pad for wax And Do Buff
1 x Black Waffle pad for buff and Do wax
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